Baris Murat Yagci, 21 January 1991 born in Izmir Alacati. He studied at a Izmir Private Turkish college in Izmir, Turkey. He graduated Sehremini high school. He graduated Bahçeşehir University, studied international relations department. Now continue on the sports management department at Anadolu University college life.

Baris Murat Yagci played professional basketball on Efes Pilsen Sports Club in 10 years. Professional manner at home and abroad (Italy, Brazil) modeling was done. Volleyball, athletics, table tennis, was interested in a professional manner with many sports like swimming, but basketball was the greatest happiness and indispensable. First it started as a İzmir spor basketball.

2002-2003 season offer from Efes Pilsen Sports Club was the turning point of his life. Then he continued his basketball career playing basketball at many clubs. Bahçeşehir University on a full scholarship and studied many matches with the school's basketball team has achieved considerable success at home and abroad.

After playing basketball for 10 years he spent 5 years ago after Achilles tendon injury had to quit basketball. Later in the Best Model of Turkey contest began modeling and was named Best Fotomodel. Now continue with the professional acting career while. His task Manager carried by the Selim Akar Trademark Office. Baris Murat Yagci received acting training the first year from Bahar Kerimoğlu. Baris Murat Yagci, attracted the attention of many visual and written media interview giving domestic and abroad, and has managed to attract attention by moving frequently mentioned the name of participating in several TV programs.

After completing training players acting as the many producers pointed out Turkey's new jön "My husband's family" plays in the series "Akin" meet with the audience was a large fan base with the characters. That makes a difference in style with reaching a huge fan base Baris Murat Yagci`` husband's family`` series of blockbuster ratings after successful acting performance exhibited "Rental Love" series to be revived as a new rental love "Ayman" was included in the character. Baris Murat Yagci get full marks from the audience with his performance Ayman character "Rental Love" series won by pulling the sympathy for his role in everyone's interest managed to enter Turkey's new Primarily in between.

Yagci in Turkey by signing a policy interest in the story of life with a tattoo on the body tattoos made a difference in the player's favor.