Baris Murat Yagci,
Birth: 21 January 1991 ALACATI- IZMIR, TURKEY
Primary Education: Izmir Private Turkish College (Full Schollarship)
High School: Sehremini High School, ISTANBUL (Full Schollarship)
Bachelor Degree: Bahcesehir University, Social Sciences / INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS (Full Schollarship)
Recent Education: Sports Management / ANADOLU UNIVERSITY (POST GRADUATE)
He had been professionally played as a team member at EFES PILSEN Basketball Club for ten years. After he has been continued his carreer in several clubs. Even though he played different kind of sports (such as volleyball,athletics,tennis etc.) basketball was his passion.
Before his unfortunate Achillies tendon injury operation, 2002-2003 was his carreer milestone, a proffessional agreement had been signed to EFES PILSEN Basketball Club. He achieved BAHCESEHIR UNIVERSITY full schollarship statue.
In 2011 he has chosen as BEST PHOTO MODEL at BEST MODEL Of TURKEY competition. After his success, he began professional modeling worldwide (Italy/Serbia/Croatia/Brazil/Germany/France). While he was continue his modelling carrer, he studied acting getting private lectures from very popular acting coaches, Bahar Kerimoğlu, Serkan Atar and Ahmet Kaynak. YAGCI, now continue his professional career as an actor under the umbrella of very talented manager; SELİM AKAR Brand Management.
YAGCI has attracted the attention of the media, domestic – international dozens ofphotoshootings, interviews and commercials had been done. YAGCI has participated in Many TV shows and he bacame much more popular. For instance; he worked as model of D’squared (Dan-Dean brothers) advertiments.
After his acting education he has been pointed as ‘rising star’ by the authorities of the film industry.
‘KOCAMIN AİLESİ (My husband got a Family)’ was his first professional acting experience as ‘AKIN’ character made him become popular in film industry. After his astonishing performance in ‘KOCAMIN AİLESİ (My husband got a Family)’ he gained the favor of audience.A while after, raiting record breaker tv serial; ‘KİRALIK AŞK (HIRED LOVE)’ offered him his ‘catch on’ role ‘EYMEN’.
‘ŞEFKAT YERİMDAR’ tv serial was his first leading role and YAGCI attained millions of fans and became a celebrity. Under the favor of his first leading role YAGCI awarded the ‘BEST ACTOR’ award.
The leading role is shared with Gizem KARACA, FOX TV presents movie ‘SOSYETİK GELİN’ ( Classy Bride) hotly anticipated by the society.
Although a big disadvantage of the sector, multiplexed Tattoos (representing the memories of his life story) and his length turned his carreer in success way and he became ‘spearhead’ for the young generation.



Barış Murat Yağcı • 27 / Actor / Model / Traveller • Currently İstanbul-Turkey 🇹🇷 •Manager:selimakarmarkaofisi •






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